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History of the Conneaut Arts Center

Housed in Historic Kilpi Hall, this former Finnish Meeting Hall was built in 1899 by Charles Gran and the Kilpi Temperance Society, comprised of Finnish immigrants. It became the heart of the Finnish community in Conneaut. They gathered here for music, dance, theatre and fellowship. In 1975, a group of about 30 people in Conneaut had been discussing the need for a community center. The proposal to buy Kilpi Hall was presented to City Council, area businesses, and other interested parties, and was well received. Each member donated $10 each which became the first membership campaign. With a specialized loan, the Center's officers signed a mortgage agreement in July of 1976 and the Conneaut Community Center for the Arts was born. Kilpi Hall is once again a place to gather for music, dance, theatre and fellowship.

As of winter of 2012, we formally changed our name to The Conneaut Arts Center.

CAC partners with several businesses throughout the county to bring artistic enrichment to the community.

What we offer at the Conneaut Arts Center

The Center offers a variety of both youth and adult classes. Our services and classes cater to northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.  Classes are offered on both a private basis as well as open. To find out all classes offered at the Conneaut Arts Center please contact  us at 440-593-5888. 

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The Conneaut Arts Center is a non-profit organization that was established in 1946 and is located on the beautiful Lake Erie lake front, in Conneaut Ohio. The Conneaut Art Center offers dance, theater, visual arts, exercise, music, for both youth and adult artisans within the community and surrounding areas.

Conneaut Arts Center Board of Trustees 2018

President: Pamella Simpson

Vice President: Lois Greenfield

Secretary: Pamela Herner

Treasurer: Jim Greenfield

Board Members: Penny Armeni, Sylvia Atkinson, Chris Davis, Kelsey Spencer.

Are you interested in volunteering or being part of the Conneaut Arts Center Board. Please contact the Conneaut Arts Center  at 440-593-5888 or by email at [email protected] Be the difference in someone's life by volunteering today!

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1025 Buffalo St. 

Conneaut, Ohio 44030


Phone: (440)593-5888

Fax: (440)593-4222

[email protected]


Mon _ Thursday

9:00am to 7:00pm

Wednesday & Friday

9:00m to 5:00pm




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